ESD Protection

APPLICATION: Various electronic equipment, such as computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics, industrial controllers, automotive electronic equipment, etc.


APPLICATION: Computer systems, communication equipment, AC/DC power supplies, automobiles, household appliances, instrumentation, common mode/differential mode protection, etc.

Schottky Diode

APPLICATION: High-power equipment and power grids and high-speed rail, daily consumer electronics , etc.


APPLICATION: New energy vehicles, industrial lighting, industrial control, intelligent robots, consumer electronics, photovoltaic inverters, 5G base stations, etc.


APPLICATION: Remote and data communication, computer, office automation equipment, industrial instrumentation, military, aerospace,etc.


APPLICATION: Various digital electronic equipment, various industrial and medical equipment, etc.

Power Switch

APPLICATION: CCTV camera, car DVD and handheld POS machine, etc.

Battery Protection IC

APPLICATION: Consumer electronics such as smart wearable devices, electronic cigarettes, power banks, consumer lithium batteries, etc.

LED Driver

APPLICATION: Electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters, household appliances, game consoles, telephones, consumer electronics, etc.