IQOO 12 is equipped with self-developed esports chips. #ESD chips provide anti-static interference protection for electronic devices.
IQOO 12 is equipped with self-developed esports chips. #ESD chips provide anti-static interference protection for electronic devices.


IQOO 12 is equipped with self-developed esports chips. #ESD chips provide anti-static interference protection for electronic devices.

This gaming smartphone series, iQOO 12, will be unveiled on November 7th, featuring the iQOO 12 Pro with a curved screen and the iQOO 12 with a flat screen. The design is stunning, offering options in white glass, red leather, and a black racing edition, all constructed with the new Fluorite AG glass material. Memory configurations include 12GB+256GB, 16GB+512GB, and 16GB+1TB, ensuring you no longer need to worry about phone storage.

The iQOO 12 series is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, supporting their in-house large-scale OriginOS 4 operating system. Additionally, it incorporates the first self-developed gaming chip, the Q1, boasting an outstanding main camera with optical image stabilization, periscope zoom, and professional photography features to meet all your shooting needs.

In the highly competitive Chinese smartphone market, Apple conducted a brief product launch event on October 30th, introducing the new M3 chip. The event lasted just 30 minutes, setting a record for the “shortest Apple product launch.” Notably, all content was shot using iPhones and edited on Mac computers. The M3 series includes the M3 chip, M3 Pro chip, and M3 Max chip, primarily designed for Apple laptops.

The new M3 series chips deliver impressive performance:

M3 Chip:

14-inch MacBook Pro: Top configuration with 24GB+2TB for 20,499 yuan.

24-inch iMac: Top configuration with 24GB+1TB for 16,999 yuan.

M3 Pro Chip:

14-inch MacBook Pro: Top configuration with 36GB+4TB for 30,499 yuan.

16-inch MacBook Pro: Top configuration with 36GB+4TB for 34,999 yuan.

M3 Max Chip:

14-inch MacBook Pro: Top configuration with 128GB+8TB for 54,749 yuan.

16-inch MacBook Pro: Top configuration with 128GB+8TB for 55,999 yuan.

The top configuration of the M3 chip for the 14-inch MacBook Pro includes 24GB+2TB, priced at 20,499 yuan. What are your thoughts on this?

#Protecting the charging ports, buttons, and screens of smart electronic devices from voltage surges is crucial. Shielding computers, mobile phones, and their USB and HDMI ports from ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is essential. In addition to the mentioned measures, several IC components play a vital role in protection. Here are some recommendations:

Use ESD protection components:

ESD diodes: These diodes are designed to absorb and dissipate electrostatic energy during ESD events, preventing it from reaching connectors or electronic components. Select high-quality ESD diodes that comply with relevant standards and ensure fast response times.

ESD suppression chips: Some ESD suppression chips, such as TVS diodes, MOVs, and ceramic capacitors, can be used to prevent ESD events. They should withstand voltage and current fluctuations in the automotive environment.

Use qualified cables and connectors:

Choose qualified USB and HDMI cables, ensuring they meet relevant standards and provide good insulation performance.

Use connectors and cables with metal housings to offer additional electromagnetic shielding and ESD protection.

Grounding and shielding:

In the automotive environment, ensure that device connectors and cables are connected to the vehicle’s proper grounding system to reduce the impact of ESD events.

Use shielded cables, particularly for HDMI connections, to minimize electromagnetic interference and ESD risks.

Static protection measures:

Avoid operating devices in dry environments, as maintaining appropriate humidity levels can reduce ESD risks.

Use static elimination devices, such as anti-static wristbands, to reduce the accumulation of static electricity.

Device design:

For automotive smartphones, design considerations should include the electrical environment within the vehicle, ensuring that the USB connectors and circuits can withstand the impact of ESD events.

ESD testing and certification:

Ensure that products comply with relevant certification standards for ESD performance to validate their performance under ESD events. Automotive smartphones should undergo rigorous ESD testing to ensure they are not susceptible to ESD interference when operating inside vehicles.

The USB and HDMI connectors of smart electronic devices need a series of measures to protect them from ESD, thus enhancing the devices’ lifespan and safety. In addition to ESD protection for mobile phones and automotive electronics, Jinyang Electronics offers a variety of other ESD protection components, such as ESD diodes, ESD protection components, and ESD protection circuits, to meet diverse application requirements and provide comprehensive electrostatic discharge protection for electronic devices.

#Jingyang Electronics not only supplies ESD protection components but also offers ESD testing and ESD protection design support to ensure that customers’ devices have sufficient tolerance to static electricity interference. With a focus on high quality, reliability, and innovation, Jingyang Electronics has become the preferred partner for numerous electronic device manufacturers.

In summary, Jinyang Electronics’ ESD protection components are essential for safeguarding electronic devices against electrostatic interference. Their low capacitance, small packaging, low clamping voltage, and other characteristics provide robust protection against electrostatic discharge, ensuring device performance and reliability.