The new “Hongqi National Gift” model is launched
The new “Hongqi National Gift” model is launched


The new “Hongqi National Gift” model is launched

Recently, the highly anticipated new “Hongqi National Gift” model officially hit the market. This model is actually a renamed version of the previously approved Hongqi L5 model. Equipped with a powerful 4.0T V8 engine, the official price is set at 7.18 million yuan, adding a new elite to the Chinese automotive industry.

This high-end model inherits the classic Hongqi CA770 styling in its exterior design and adopts an elegant blue-and-white dual-color scheme, exhibiting a unique charm. The front of the car, featuring the iconic round headlights and the streamlined Hongqi emblem, reflects the dignity and nobility of the Hongqi brand. Meanwhile, in terms of detailing, the front grille design of the new car has been raised, creating a unique “big nose” look that not only inherits the classic elements of the Hongqi brand but also incorporates modern aesthetic concepts, making the entire vehicle more visually impactful and recognizable.

As a representative brand of the Chinese automotive industry, Hongqi has always been carrying the pride and expectations of the Chinese people. The launch of this new “Hongqi National Gift” model will undoubtedly further enhance the influence and competitiveness of the Hongqi brand, injecting new vitality into the development of the Chinese automotive industry.

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Static protection measures:

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Use static elimination devices, such as anti-static wristbands, to reduce the accumulation of static electricity.

Device design:

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ESD testing and certification:

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